Creative Juices

In yogic thinking, feminine energy is considered that which creates. On this International National Women’s day, whether male, female, or not subscribing to a gender binary, you can access feminine energy to embrace and uplift the image of womyn. This energy (Shakti-prana) is said to be found in the hips, pelvis, and lower back.

Prior to these poses, you may wish to invigorate, warm, and open the lower body in warrior poses, downward facing dog, or you favorite sun salutation. These poses themselves are intended for longer holds, cultivating stillness and presence.

Goddess Pose

Stand with feet wide apart, toes facing away from the center of the body, bend in knees to bring thighs parallel to the floor. Soften the buttock. Keep the torso long, perhaps by placing hands to thighs. Within this pose, you can bring one hand to the floor (or a block) along the same-side foot and the other hand to the sky. If you choose this variation, bring it into both sides.


With feet a little wider than hips distance apart, bend knees and squat down. Bring the palms together over heart’s center, with the elbows high on the inner thighs. Press through the palms, draw the elbows energetically long from the wrists. Draw the knees and thighs inward.

Half Pigeon Reclined


From downward facing dog, bend one knee and draw it between the space of the hands. As you lower down, keep the back straight with toes touched under. Draw the floor to the hips or thighs with appropriate blankets. Lower the torso down, supporting the head so that the neck is long with the spine. Not even slight pressure should be found in the knee. If you notice any pressure, this pose can be taken lying down on your back, one angle crossed over the other leg, just below the knee. The knee will draw in and similarly give space to the hip.

Reclined Bound Angel

From seated, fold a blanket lengthwise, leaving some space between the lift and the bottom, to support the spine (this can also be done with a bolster or even by taking a yoga mat and folding it into eights). Bring the pads of feet together. A strap is great in this pose- make a loop and bring it around the waist; the other end of the strap to go around the outer edge of the toes when the pads are together. Walk hands behind the spine, slowly lowering to the lift. Wrists, blocks, or blankets folded length wise, can be brought to the outward facing thighs.

Seated Yoni Mudra

Seated comfortably, interlace the fingers except for the thumbs and index finger which touch each other. Close the eyes and, with a calm breathe, visualize that which you want to manifest.